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Two student winners 2014

Two of our film students won gold — achieving first place in the country — in a Skills Canada competition in June 2014. Here are Annabelle Foss and Michael Stevantoni with PRDFS director Tony Papa in Toronto.

The Powell River Digital Film School is here to help emerging talent cut their teeth on creative projects, using state-of-the-art facilities, while developing a strong understanding of how and why we make award winning films.

Our main Film Program is a 5-month, 4-day-a-week elective course, (Monday to Thursday) open to any student 16 to 19 and even if you have graduated you are eligible to attend at no charge.  If you are from outside B.C. or Canada, please click here for more information.)

IF you are in grade 11 or 12, anywhere in BC you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity by speaking to your parents and school counsellor about your desire to take this course in the second semester. You will not only learn a huge amount of practical information and hands-on experience, but you will receive preferencial acceptance into the prestigious Capilano University Motion Picture Program in North Vancouver.  Upon acceptance to the PRDFS, student will receive 3 University credits to the Emily Carr University Film Program and 2 credits to the toronto Film School. This allows the student to enter that program with one course already under their belt.

About Capilano

About Emily Carr

About Toronto Film School

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If you live out of town and choose to transfer schools to enter the Powell River Digital Film School, you have made a great choice. You will be billeted (housed with room and board) with one of our many sponsor families for only $850 a month.  This includes 3 meals a day.

If you need to continue with any academic courses, no worries — you have all day Friday to work on that. For your convenience, we operate only from Monday to Thursday. Many students have worked with this arrangement successfully. If you live close to Powell River i.e. Sunshine Coast or Vancouver Island, you can return home for the 3-day weekend.  Also we will make time for you to graduate with your school of choice.

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So, if you want to learn about all aspects of film production, on fantastic state-of-the-art equipment, and make outstanding films, meet great people, and visit industry film sets and work with fabulous mentors, you have come to the right place. Go for it! You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s what 2015 Student Quin Voth from Langley BC says about the school

Attending the Powell River Digital Film School was a dream come true. To be able to hone in on your passion and truly grow your knowledge of film is an experience like no other. But it’s not only great for seasoned film students but beginners as well, you get the amazing opportunity to be taught by experts of the industry in comprehensive hands on lessons. What makes the school so unique is the size of the class, working in such a small group allows for a lot of individual attention but also the opportunity to work as a group and become extremely close with your class. The decision to attend the Powell River Digital Film School really enhanced my high school experience and made my grad year unforgettable.

  • Quin Voth

The Powell River Digital Film School gave me a competitive edge in my education and my career path. Many of my opportunities in the film industry have stemmed from the confidence and skills I gained while at PRDFS.

  • Veronika Kurz

Attending Tony Papa’s PRDFS was a transformative experience, which not only allowed me to begin thinking of filmmaking as a career but also allowed me to develop life skills which can be applied to almost every aspect of my life, especially the transition to post-secondary education. I was surprised to find so many like minded individuals attending the program, and under Tony’s program I developed strong relationships and teamwork skills, both as a leader and as a collaborator. I feel extremely fortunate to have ended my high school experience with this degree of specialization and focus. Tony connected us with inspiring speakers and professional opportunities that remain with me today. Living on my own in Powell River and making new relationships gave me a confidence I needed to transition to University life and begin my adult life. I was able to apply these technical and team oriented skills when I directed my first feature film Salton Sea. Without the encouragement I attained from PRDFS I would not have been able to take on such a massive undertaking so soon.

  • Michael Steventoni


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