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“It's not about getting a mark, it's about making a mark.”

The Powell River Digital Film School is a 20-high school credit Film Program that offers a comprehensive, hands-on experience of professional Filmmaking. At the same time, students will earn 3 university credits from Emily Carr University and the Toronto Film School (you pay less to continue studies there). In addition, students are fast-tracked into Capilano University and/or Langara College Film Program. There has never been a more exciting time to gain entry into this thriving field. With the substantial growth of the independent film industry, support for new filmmakers, and the explosion of visual media and specialty channels, there are countless opportunities in this demanding field.

Countless students have gone on to higher film studies as well as working in the film industry. In the following promo you will meet former students and see and hear what they've gone on to do.

2018 Film School Promo

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Filmmaking involves leadership, problem solving, team work, and communication. It's about working towards a common goal working together. It’s about overcoming the lack of resources and producing creative works that answer questions, reveal information and inspire. It’s about seeing your work presented to an audience and your ideas communicated to others.

Tony Papa has been producing films and television for over 20 years, and has won numerous awards for his work including a Gemini For Best Documentary. Papa ran a production company called Avanti Pictures for 12 years in Vancouver producing many award winning films for television and the big screen.

Max Chiasson

PRDFS Student

PRDFS is an amazing opportunity that you won’t get anywhere else.

Devin Lessard

PRDFS Student

Definitely made me a better filmmaker in all aspects. Nothing but progression in this course. I loved it!

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Writing and Acting

It’s all about stories. Whether they’re on the web, in a magazine, book, government plan, or on TV, stories are what grab people by the heart. Everyone loves a story. That’s what I do: take facts and ideas, interview people, add imagination, clarity, and organization, and produce written stories that inspire — an action, organization, reader or audience.

Heather Conn is an author, award-winning freelance writer, editor, and writing instructor/coach. She wrote, produced, and directed the 2013 short documentary A New Way: An Organic Garden Changes Lives and has co-written two short films for Bravo! TV: Divine Waters, and Corona Station. The latter screened at a number of film festivals in North America.

Isabelle Villeneuve

PRDFS Student

This is a hands-on course that combines new skills and creates awesome memories

Alex Lundgren

PRDFS Student

It exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to learn as much as I did.


Filmmaking isn't just confined to the physical world. During your enrollment at the Powell River Digital Film school, you will also get to try your hand at hand-drawn, claymation, and stop-motion animation! Animation is about letting your creative energies flow onto a truly unique canvas, and making static images come to life through the magic of motion and editing.

For some examples of what you can do with animation, check out our 2018 Class' final AniJam, which was a collaborative project involving pieces from every student in the class.

Check it out here!

Jordan Williams

PRDFS Student

I have benefitted by enhancing my skills in film as well as improving communication skills.

Nicole Collings

PRDFS Student

Amazing! Best semester I’ve ever had. I would (and will) recommend the course to all of my friends.

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