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Two Powell River film students win national Skills Canada competition

Two student winners 2014

Annabelle and Michael with PRDFS director Tony Papa, following their gold win in Toronto in June 2014


Two students at Powell River Digital Film School (PRDFS) recently won a Canada-wide competition,  thanks to their outstanding short film created at a Skills Canada competition.

Michael Stevantoni and Annabelle Foss, enrolled in PRDFS‚Äô intensive five-month film¬†program, took¬†home the gold in Toronto in June 2014 for their winning film, ‚ÄúEndless Possibility: What Can You Become?‚ÄĚ

Previously, they beat out 15 teams from across British Columbia on April 9 at a trades-based event held in Abbotsford, BC. (The annual competition is held by Skills Canada, a national, not-for-profit organization that promotes careers in skilled trades and technologies to Canadian youth.)

Before creating their film,¬†Michael and¬†Annabelle received a theme to be used as their subject. They were asked: ‚ÄúEverything you post on social media impacts your personal brand.¬† How do you want to be remembered?‚ÄĚ They had six hours to complete a two- to three-minute film.

Before their win in Toronto, Michael and Annabelle won gold in the provincials. Earlier in the year, four students from PRDFS were paired at the regionals, held online,winning gold and silver.

‚ÄúThis kind of accolade keeps the students inspired, giving them the feeling that they can do anything,‚ÄĚ says PRDFS director Tony Papa. ‚ÄúIt really brings their skills into play. They are doing a great job.‚ÄĚ

This latest award continues a tradition of student success at Powell River Digital Film School, which is in its seventh year. Its students have won awards at both the local and international level and some have had their films screened around the world.

PRDFS student video wins top prize in 2014 WorkSafe BC contest


PRDFS students who won WorkSafe BC’s 2014 video contest pose in Powell River with school director Tony Papa (third from right, back row) and William Crewes of Seaspan (second from right, back row). The winning student team are (L to R, first row): Zan Plesner; Sophie Wadden; Annabelle Foss. Back row: Lucas Scheffler; Thurston Burke; Michael Stevantoni; Curtis Havekotte.


Powell River Digital Film students recently won first prize in a province-wide contest for their workplace safety video Safety Man.

The team of winning students included Annabelle Foss, Curtis Havekotte, Lucas Scheffler, Michael Stevantoni, Sophie Wadden, Thurston Burke, and Zan Plesner. Their one-minute mockumentary, an ironic take on a training film, took first place in the grades 11 and 12 category of WorkSafe BC’s 2014 student video contest.

Although presented with humour, the winning video had a serious message: it stressed the importance of paying attention on a job site, wearing safety equipment, and following WorkSafe BC guidelines.

Glen McIntosh of WorkSafe BC and William Clewes, a representative from SeaSpan, a contest sponsor, presented students with their $1,000 prize on June 16 at a ceremony in Powell River.

“Congratulations on winning our grade 11-12 first place award,” said McIntosh.¬†“Each year, students amaze us with their ability to convey a health and safety message in a way that‚Äôs relatable to other youth.”

McIntosh noted that while students research their video, write the script, and talk about the project with friends and families, they learn more about their rights and responsibilities, and help to raise safety awareness in their own social circles.

“I’m proud of our students and the imagination they brought to this project,” says school director and instructor Tony Papa. “They combined creative vision and technological talent to produce a winning message.”

All video entries¬†explored the topic of health and safety in¬†an employee’s¬†first job, using the contest theme “Don’t let your first job be your last.”

Video entries were judged on their impact, the transferability of their safety message, original creative concept, and technical execution.

Click here¬†to view Powell River Digital Film School’s 2014 winning student video

PRDFS is now dual credit with Emily Carr U

If you enter into Powell River Digital Film School in grade 12, you will be simultaneously registered into Emily Carr University. As you complete your 2nd semester at PRDFS, you will earn 3 credits towards the Emily Carr Film Program. If you decide to go on to Emily Carr U, you will already have a foot in the door.  Now, that is cool.

PRDFS 2012 Film Group gets accepted to the Vancouver Film Fest.

PRDFS class of 2012 film “Night Shift” has been selected by the youth jury to premier at the prestigious Vancouver International Film Festival, as a part of the touring Reel Youth Film Festival! ¬†It is an awesome film, and we are delighted that it will be showcased ¬†alongside a stellar collection of international youth-made films. The was made by¬†Chloe Langmaid,¬†Bryce Lefebve, ,¬†Aaron Peguin,¬†Bryce Lefebve,¬†Ryan Holland,¬†Toboas Ulrich, Christian Bailey, and the film was directed by Veronika Kurz. ¬†Congratulation Team!