learn versatile, translatable skills while having the time of your life!

- Alyssa Stapleton Student

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“The camera is a weapon against the tragedy of things, against their disappearing.”

- Wim Wenders

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“Make visible what without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”

- Robert Bresson

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There is no other Film School like this. No Fee for a Five Month Hands-On Film Program for ages 16 to 19.


“An actor entering through the door, you’ve got nothing. But if he enters through the window, you’ve got a situation.”

- Billy Wilder

It's not about getting a mark, it's about making a mark.
Blair Stoddart

Student 2011
‘Great course! Best five Months ever!

Jan Lefvere

Student 2010
‘This course had changed my career plans for the future.’

Alyssa Stapleton

Student 2011
‘Bored of the typical high school experience? Experience this boredom no longer! Enroll for the Powell River Digital Film School, (Prd Film-School) and learn versatile, translatable skills while having the time of your life!’

Cassandra Wipf

Student 2010
‘This course was awesome. I learned much more than I expected, and it changed my view of my future.’

Nikos Theodosakis

Author of Director in the classroom
‘We need filmmakers in out classrooms, not to graduate filmmakers, but to graduate problem solvers, critical thinkers and passionate people who can work with others to make that which does not yet exist, real.’

Drew Beckthold

Student 2010
‘We got out and learned hands on instead of sitting in a classroom all day.’

Megan Dietrich

Student 2008
‘Being a part of this group has been one of the most unique and hilarious things I’ve done throughout my schooling. I can’t think of a better way to finish off high school.’


We will use the latest knowledge and thinking in the media industry and sectors, whilst facilitating the local community to develop their own local talent.


We will make sure our Digital Film School stands out from the everyday hum of educational noise, as we are always looking for new ways to get our ideas across to the future Creatives’


A number of film schools get complacent about looking beyond the immediate needs. We endeavor to create work that changes film school based attitudes and the way students think a like.


Ideas and solutions, skills and talent – all exist within every group. We will design course units that unlock and use the best of a filmmakers untapped potential.


Our pledge, we vow to never underestimate the audiences and student’s abilities. By asking difficult questions and setting clear objectives, we sow the seeds for honest communications that create real change.

This course is worth 20 High School Credits, 3 university credits and is FREE of Charge to all students ages 16-19 in BC. Billeting (room & board), is available in Powell River for $850/month by accredited homestay families. Join the Team!